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Parrot Anafi Thermal


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Feb 15, 2024
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I got the chance to buy a used anafi thermal for 900$. Its the old version with the white gimbal cover. Is it very hard to get spare parts for this drone? And if the camera gets broken, may I buy the camera from the newest anafi thermal version and replace it with this? I havent bought anything yet, I need some more information to make up my mind
The Anafi Thermal has been End of Life for a couple of years now.
There are no new parts from Parrot Available.
You may find used parts from a couple of places or find a parts drone listed on eBay.
The Anafi USA is one of "the newest" Anafi versions and shares no parts with the Anafi Thermal, so the camera/gimbal assembly will no swap over.

The Anafi Thermal is a low resolution 160x120 FLIR Lepton 3.5, radiometric core. 160 resolution is from 2018/2019 for entry level thermal and is extremely lacking by today's 640x520 resolution drones. It has limited use cases, but is implemented into Free Flight 6 very well.
The thermal in the Anafi USA is a FLIR Boson 320x256 non-radiometric sensor. It does not give any temperature value. It is also dated with this resolution being more in line with the 2018 /2019 timeframe also, but for a higher cost back then.

You can find Autel Evo 2 640T drones for as low as $3200 and these have high resolution 640x520 thermal sensors (Infiray, China) that are as capable in thermal use cases as drones costing several times more.

I own an Anafi Thermal and keep it for nostalgia as well as its unique ability to have a thermal sensor that can look straight up. I also like the intelligent flight modes for this drone and its Dolly Zoom is excellent! But I do all real thermal work with a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with a 640x520 thermal sensor.

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