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Parrot stiffs Early Adopters (the .99 battery)


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Jul 6, 2018
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Crested Butte, CO
Neither B&H nor Parrot will allow me access to the .99 battery deal. Should’ve waited! It was overpriced in July and the current offer only barely brings it into competition with alternative options.
In the UK the drone started out at £629.99 and later went down to £559.00 but has gone up again to the original £629.99 and we never got the battery deal....
That's the price you pay for getting in early. It might bother me more if it wasn't such an outstanding drone. Any guesses what they'll sell for on Black Friday?
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It was much the same with the in app purchases which got reduced to 99p

Before the cost of both was about the price of a battery.

I at least got my ones for 99p
I agree that the early adapters got a raw deal. Parrot's pricing on the Anafi was off right from the start. They really could have built up a lot of momentum with the Anafi if they included a second battery, a charger, and a RC case for $699 US. Charging $17.50 for each of the two in app purchases was really a bad decision also. I think they got a little greedy. My guess is that they started to see sales fall off and needed to kick start them again with the .99 cent battery deal. That is what did it for me. The buzz is probably fading a bit for the Anafi as a result of the two new Mavic Pro's ( I know, different category, but they are selling) and the introduction of the the Yuneec Mantis. I think anyone who bought the Anafi from its intro in July to the battery promotion should get a free battery (Hope you are listening Parrot!). Any way I can help just let me know
Who is going to make Anafi’s reputation? The company? The marketing department?

We, the owners, will create Anafi’s reputation.

Will we do that with the bird sitting on the ground, waiting for the one lone battery to recharge?

Anafi’s greatness will only be recognized when the bird is in the air.

More batteries, more air time.
More air time, more great shots.
More great shots, more social media representation.

Give us the battery for .99 and we will give you more great shots.


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I bought mine directly from Parrot. I've been trying to get them to honor the new free battery offer. They've been giving my the run around. In my first correspondence, I included a link to the Anafi Free Battery offer. They wrote back that the link I sent them was for the Anafi Work not the Anafi. I wrote back; detailing their own description of the two products and outlining that their ascertain was wrong. I am waiting for their new reply but I don't hold out much hope...

I think they created a problem for early owners of the Anafi with this new offer and didn't expect this backlash from us.

I'll include the complete thread of our discussions after they reply back.
I was an early adopter, and very nearly stumped up the £40 for the upgrade on the software, but being a tight wad I decided against it..... fortunately, but obviously at 99p that was a different story.

But I do think Parrot have been very unfair to the early adopters, they should, in some way, try and even things out, even if its just to offer a voucher against future purchases, anything is better than a kick in the nuts, which is what it must feel like, especially when you are talking about the cost of an additional battery, which I did stump up for at full price.

Maybe worth everyone bombarding Parrot Customer Services with a protest email...... You never know till you try.

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