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Recommendations For FPV


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Oct 8, 2022
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I am looking for recommendations for a 5- 6 BNF FPV drone that will either bind to my DJI FPV goggles and controller OR I am willing to purchase goggles and controller but they will need to be used on future drones. Sorry but I am new to the FPV scene.
Those are not drones but FPV system you can build or buy and fly

Drone and system
DJI Avata with DJI goggles 2-> Beginner FPV Drone (NEW) (slow and cinematic)
DJI FVP with DJI goggles v2 -> Beginner FPV Drone (OLD) (fast but not so good in low light)

Walksnail HD FVP system -> Cheaper need solder skills and this setup can work with a several drones (intermediate)
HD-zero FPV system -> Cheapest with focus in race (advanced) with low latency

What is your goal? fly inside, outside, race, freestyle, long range, cinematic....

This last 2 fav systems can be used with several drones from 2 inch to 7 inch but you need to have solder skills and time to build and tune.

Good luck

What kind of flying do you intend to do with it... long range, freestyle, racing? It will help recommend a quad based on your needs.
I will suggest you to check this DJI FPV Combo is a high-quality FPV drone that offers pilots an immersive flying experience for your recommendation if you like it.
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