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Replacement Parts for BB2 Power

Apr 8, 2019
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Parks, Australia
One of my props spun-off at 40m, luckily a tree broke the fall. The battery and front nose seem to have taken the brunt of the impact. Rather happy to report that the drone is still in very good working condition. The damage list is:
  • Battery cracked, rear clip missing, bottom clips broken (surprisingly the battery still works fine but is not safe for flight).
  • Front motor cage lost one of the prop lugs (the prop is missing as well).
  • The nose piece was scratched up pretty badly but the plastic just pushed out and the electronics appear to be fine. There is a small nick on the glass in- front of the camera (this doesn't seem to have impacted the camera and you can't see the blemish unless you move the camera all the way up.
I looked on the local Australian Parrot sight and they only had parts for the BB 2 and were out of the BB2 Power batteries. I couldn't find the replacement props on the parrot site. I sent a request via the website and am still waiting (2 weeks) for a response.

I also tried the parrot main site and they directed me to the local dealer :(

So I found some BB motor cages for $AUD 20 and decided to give them a try. The magnets on the cages are noticeably smaller but after some test flights and monitoring they seem to be working fine.

Based on my research the smaller magnets mean the drone has less power and uses more electricity but until at this time I"m flying again.

I also grabbed the tool kit for the BB which has all the same tools for the BB2.

I'm still looking for a replacement nose, props, cages and batteries but am interested to see if any other parts from the BB will work on the BB2.
Bad luck with the crash :-(

That's interesting about the motor cages having smaller magnets - were they genuine Parrot ones? I bought a Bebop 2 (not power) at Christmas in Australia and have been buying some spares just in case, on the basis that they're likely to become harder to find in future (and also in an effort to elimiate some vibration in the video). I bought both a genuine motor cage kit and a genuine complete set of motors from amazon.com.au and both have identical motor cages with the same magnets as the original. I also got a genuine replacement nose from amazon.com.au and some props.

I was under the impression that the motors in the power were the same as in the original BB2. I thought the only difference between the two editions was the higher capacity battery (and associated HD charger) and the all-black colour scheme. I think all parts are interchangable (for example my BB2 came with a power battery, which works fine) so if you don't mind messing up your all-black look you could use a BB2 nose cone and props on the power. The lower capacity BB2 battery will also work on the drone, but I gather you should not charge the origial battery with the HD charger that comes with the power.
So, I finally got a half way decent response from Parrot. They are claiming that almost everything on the Parrot is the same, including the Propellers, which is odd as they marketed the BB2P with new props. Possibly they are now only selling the new props? 1891
Crazy deal from Australia Geogrpahic BB2P for $AUD 500. Parrot Bebop 2 Power. If you're quick you can try Office works which will give you an extra 5% off with their price guarantee. The price for a new BB2P battery is about
$120 to $130 an props are about %25 so I'm really getting a second drone for $250.

Quick update Australia Geographic is offering a 20% discount when buying online so the BB2P is $400

Parrot Bebop 2 Power promo code is FRENZY20

good luck
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Got my new motor cages. Here is a photo of the cages for the bebop and bebop 2. The magnets on the bebop 2 are about double the thickness. The drone still flew fine with the bebop cages1963
I know this is an old thread...but..can you Aussie mates use Ebay?? (shipping from the States might be steep!) I get ALL of my BB2 and Power Edition off Ebay and found super deals!
EVERYTHING I've wanted/needed is listed there..just a thought. Sorry about the crash!

Hey Jim,
Yes of course we can use eBay, I just bought a bb2p for AU$522 delivered to remote Western Australia off eBay.
Can't wait for it to arrive ?
So, I finally got a half way decent response from Parrot. They are claiming that almost everything on the Parrot is the same, including the Propellers, which is odd as they marketed the BB2P with new props. Possibly they are now only selling the new props? View attachment 1891
power edition motors and "standard" motors are NOT the same
so are the propellers and motors different between bebop 2 and bb2p ?
The motors on the bb2 vs power/fpv/thermal edition have different parts stamping, but not sure about exact differences. The rare props that were sold as BB2 Power props in a package actually said BB2 Power props and were from Parrot and I have heard the pitch is different on the blades and they were upgraded somehow, because the BB2 Power is heavier and thermal I imagine a lot heavier.

Many replacement plain plastic (instead of original poly carbonate) props are not up to the task.
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While I am talking about props, You can tell if they are polycarbs when you hold them up to a lamp you can see through originals(PC) and ABS you can not.

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