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Search and rescue

I guess I would first wonder what type of sar you are doing, the type and size of areas you covering, and then what you’re comparing it to and what your budget is like.

Also, is this just for you, or do you have a large group, and maybe thinking about two or three or ten drones? Multiple pilots?

If you have a lot of big open area to cover, and open space to take off and land, a disco would get you more range and loiter time, and be easier to see in the air, because it’s louder and bigger, so would get attention more from the people you’re trying to rescue. It also can carry a fair payload, so you could add flashing lights. I added a larger battery to mine to give it a lot more range, easily an hour and a half per flight.

If you don’t have room to take off and land, or have denser foliage or steep cliffs or valleys to inspect you might benefit from the ability to hover, poke around and zoom in.

I would say the disco works a bit better in inclement weather, better for higher winds.

The disco can pretty easily exceed the height limits, where the anafi can only to to 150m above the launch point, so in mountains you might have trouble searching higher up, but then being able to hover and zoom in can cover a larger area more methodically, and then tree cover down low is where you’re more likely to have a hard time finding someone I’d think.

If your budget is fairly high you can get more payload and range from a larger quad/hex, but perhaps having several smaller budget drones spread out with extra batteries would accomplish more, provided you have more pilots to fly them.

Flying either in rain or snow will get drops of rain on the lens with no way to wipe it of. With the disco, moving quickly kind blows some off to the side, but it’s not easy to clear it off, and you end up with more rain hitting it.
While i don’t know how good it works, maybe the bebop thermal would also be of interest for you. It offers thermal vision in addition to normal video which may be useful when searching for people
I noticed there are third party apps which allow for strategic searching. In other words, it will fly a pre-programed pattern to cover the area being searched completely and economically.

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