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Second Camera Mount Using DJI Action 2


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Jan 16, 2019
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Algonquin Il USA
I have been designing a second mount for my Anafi's (for rear facing or auxilary front view). I have tested the Insta360 G2 , RunCam 2, Mobius Maxi and lastly the DJI Action 2 . I couple of notes:
1-The Insta360 G2 has a lot of vibrations transmitted to video - nice shots for stills not motion (on drone)
(Does great job if you use post process app however, vibration is still there)
2-The RunCam 2 4K and the Mobius Maxi 4K work, nice video however, stability is poor. You do not see the vibrations you see with Insta360 G2 just camera woble and horizon shift
3-The DJI Action has excellent video stabilization and quality the problem is when mounted 1.5" above battery the Anafi will loose front to back stability because of CG .
4- I have a new lower profile DJI Action 2 mount that drops camera 1.5" to .1 above battery will test as soon as weather clears up
5-The higher mount works great for lighting as pictured

I will post video ASAP

This may seem like a waste of time however, I use my Anafis 10x more then my DJI Mavic Enterprise, Skydio 2 and Yuneec H series drones


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Jan 16, 2019
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Algonquin Il USA
Here are links from my Google Drive videos

DJI-RC DJI Action 2 vs Runcam 2
M-DJI Moubius MAXI vs DJI Action 2
M-RC Moubius MAXI vx Runcam 2

All are done in 1080 100FPS (make sure your player is set to reflect this (all set to default auto)

Summary: They all work well for stills -
RunCam 2 has some type of color cast issue looks like a very light tan tint
Mobius MAXI looks like it is being sharpened
DJI Action 2 has good stabilization at the cost of a little sharpness - however, it will run at 4K 16:9 120FPS

Hope this helps

All 3 cameras weigh between 48 and 54grams

I will be using the DJI because of good stabilization

You can get from my ebay store for 26.90 US 20% off if you mention you are a forum member
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