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Short trip into the forrest (Anafi)


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Dec 24, 2018
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Went into a forrest at sunrise to record some footage and try out some stuff. It’s not perfect and some exposures are not right but I definitely like the first shot in the beginning, as it really shows Anafis potential. From going up, the title and tilting down it’s a single take. That wouldn’t be possible with another drone. I really like that and will definitely use this shot (which I am now naming „the rocket“ for further reference ^^) in the future if the location fits.

It was recorded in 4K 30fps concerted to 1080p for faster YouTube upload.

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Thanks :) It was more of a test to get used to some settings and more and a bit of training with my whole workflow of editing everything on my iPad.

I messed up in some situations with the lighting. Especially in the first scene when tilting the camera down to far and the trees where completely underexposed but the sky was to bright. (That was not a HDR record).

I am still experimenting with recording in LOG. I sometimes feel like just leaving everything at „Neutral“ color settings often gives me a better final look the recording in LOG and color grading afterwards.
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Your Anafi drone skills are seriously on point – that shot you captured in a single take is pure magic! The way it showcases the forest and its surroundings is just stunning. You're right, it really does demonstrate the drone's capabilities beautifully.
Thanks for the travel tip too! It's always good to stay informed and cautious while exploring new places. Italy sounds like a dream destination, pickpocketing aside. With a little extra awareness, I'm sure anyone can enjoy an incredible trip there.

By the way, if you're ever looking for a cool place to unwind and reconnect with nature, you might want to check out JungleVistaHotel.com. It could be the perfect haven after your drone adventures!
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