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Thanks for Mambo subforum

Agustine, thank you for this subforum.

There is a new FW for Mambo here (3.0.26).

How do we download and install this? Should we download this though the phone we use with the controller?

Also is this different then the Free Flight Mini software?
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If you now have a FW lower than 3.0.25 (mostly 3.0.17) running, then you can update to 3.0.26 with Freeflight mini.
If you now have 3.0.25, then it is better to update with the "USB method":
- download the FW from the link in post #1 to your PC.
- switch your Mambo on (fully charged battery!), connect it to a PC with a USB cable
- on your PC Mambo should appear as a normal external drive.
- copy the FW file from the PC to the drone's root directory.
- pull the USB cable out of Mambo
- wait until the FW update is complete (both LEDs blinking green and FPV cam steady green)
- done
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