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Thermal images on FLIR Tools software


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Feb 18, 2019
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South Germany
Hi folks!

Has anyone solved this issue?

My idea: the attached camera is from FLIR, so the data should be readable by the official FLIR software. Wrong thinking?

I tried some ways (copying folder etc.) but it doesn't work.
I don't really have the technical background (I'm glad, if my computer starts by pushing a button)

The "Thermal images" can be processed in Flir Tools. On my Android phone the images are located in a subfolder of the DCIM/Camera folder.

You can either copy the files to process them on Flir Tools on the PC.
Or, you can download the Flir Tools app.
Either way... the thermals are in the Thermal_export subfolder. DCIM --> Bebop 2 --> Thermal_export...


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I do not have a "Thermal_Export" folder on my Bebop internal storage. I am able to isolate thermal data in the videos and photos inside the freeflight thermal app, but cannot download it in the same format to use with the flir tools program. All I show is the main directory "Bebop 2\Media" then it ends. No extra directory even if I type it in, so it's not a hidden directory. I am using FreeFlight Thermal 3.0.4 and a Samsung Tab A, but the tablet shouldn't matter because I am trying to download directly from the Bebop. How are you able to see that directory?no thermal_export folder.JPG
These screenshot are from my cell phone.

The images from the Flir One camera on the drone are stored on the phone, which I down load to my laptop, and process on the Flir software on the computer.
You can also download Flir Tools Mobil directly onto the phone (Android phones at least). And process the thermal images directly on the phone.


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I checked and there is no directory on my tablet or on my phone. I have used both to fly just to check if there was a compatibility issue. I am using a Samsung Tab A and a Note 8 for the interface with the Bebop Thermal. I have downloaded the tools onto both, but there is nothing to draw from, since there is no directory... What version of freeflight thermal are you using?

Thanks for helping, I appreciate it!
3.0.4 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone.


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Thanks again. I have the same version. Mine just isn't producing the directory described. Could you walk me thru your workflow? I must be doing something wrong. I can see, on the freeflight thermal app, all of the dynamic temps on the videos and on the photos, I can switch palettes so the data is there. I just can't see that folder.
The workflow I always followed was... to fly the drone - switch from visible to thermal on the screen - and take the thermal photos or videos.

Once done, I either
(1) connected the phone to the laptop and retrieved the images (copied from the DCIM Bebop2 folder)- and processed them on the Flir software on my computer to create reports.


(2) I opened the files stored on the phone DCIM Bebop 2 folder - using the Flir Tools Mobile app on the phone.

I'm sorry if neither of these work for you and I don't think I can be of further help, since I no longer use Bebop thermal. I have since moved on to a Matrice 210 with a Flir XT.
Thank you. It was good to see you are doing the same as me. I'm just not getting the same result. I'll uninstall and reinstall and see if it fixes it the app. Appreciate your input. Have a good one.

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