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Various Problem and consequent Drone Replacement


Mar 24, 2019
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Hi Guys,
I've been able in these days to fly a little with the new bird and I've noticed a couple of weird things and I was wondering if anybody else has ever experienced something like that.

The Gimbal always and asks for calibration and even after calibration occurs, the Gimbal continue to appear red in the system monitor of FreeFlight6 asking again for calibration.
I've calibrated and recalibrated over and over again but still same behavior.. I've decided than to just ignore it and fly.
Now.. I don't know how much this is related with the Gimbal but the videos appear somehow jerky.. not so much but enough to be noticeable (I'll upload some footagees in order for you to see what i mean).

I had my first and hopefully my last flyaway experience.. The drone has started to drift to the right and i had to give full roll to the left in order to compensate just enough for me to land safely. Restarting the drone has solved the problem but I'm not ashamed to say that this scared the hell out of me

Third and last straw..
Yesterday I was out again for a test flight which did not happen due to a damage in the rear left leg. The locking system of the leg appeared to be broken. The leg does not snap in place, I was able to open it but it doesn't stay in place and i miss the typical clap sound of the leg snapping open.

At this point I've decided not to try anything else and just ask for a replacement to Amazon.
This was until now my experience with the Anafi.. short and troubled :(

On the other side I have to say that Amazon replacement service have gone very smooth and fast.. Asked for replacement Yesterday, they sent me a new Anafi which will arrive tomorrow without even asking what was wrong. They expect to receive the faulty one within 30 days.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. It took me three trips to Best Buy to get one with a working controller. Once I got a good one everything has functioned properly.

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