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Vertical camera error after a crash


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Sep 7, 2022
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So when i flew my parrot anafi i made the error to fly it up when tje wind was too strong so it got in collision with a wall and fell from about 3 meters

i checked immediatly if there wqs some issues but the parrot flew clrrectly with no problem

but like 5-10 minutes later i tried flykng it um again and then no i got an error message that my vertical camera wasnt working and the drone didn't take off

so what are your advices? i live in algeria sl i don't think parrot support could do anything about it however i still could buy pieces of the parrot drone
Have a read of this
Hello and thank you for responding i'll gice you my last update
today i tried again and there was no longer the error however when i launched it it started going crazy out of control from left to right and theb it didn't stop when i did land it off it i had to take it with my hands and turn it i also cut myself with it,

what is your opinion about it?
I too am having an issue with vertical camera failure. There are posts on it, but is there any detailed instructions on how to render a repair to the connector?
Not really, sorry. I had they same error after I crashed my Anafi. I did through research into potential fixes. I first took it apart, as per the Anafi guide, then, tried to replace the bottom camera sensor, then sent it off to Drone Nerds for their assessment. Basically, the wiring tape is extremely sensitive to damage and there is no real fix Nor any OEM replacement. Sorry
There are places out there with the tools and equipment to fix that issue like ribbon or connector repair such as electronics repair or some cell phone repair shops. Some people do this professionally as a job, it is just hard to find them.

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