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Vertical landing for disco


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Aug 31, 2020
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We all know the problem with fixed wing is the landing requirements. I have anafi’s and bebop2’s but sometimes i need more time in the sky. Surveillance time. So i got out my disco and im looking for a place to land... got one... 10 acres.. But it has rows of cut cotton stalks on it, and trees surrounding 3 sides. Anyway... it aint grass. More like 4 inch vertical sticks on 38 inch rows. Ok so i ordered a bird net (10x30) And i researched drone parachutes. But, i wonder what would happen if at 6 feet... the disco pulled up and reversed the prop full power.... Im trying to think of a way to test that... without doing more than 20 hours of work. My thinking is... it would pitch up because of the full up elevon, slow some, and the reverse motor slow forward motion as well... then quickly nose dive into the ground. BUT. The reverse prop would lessen the vertical impact. Just dont know how much... but the reverse prop is going to provide some uplift. I know... the camera first.... BUT i can easly make two poles stick forward from the wing supports 12 inches further than the camera..... I know.... they will be in camera view!.. well, I dont care... if i cant land it, i cant fly it... so having a couple of lines in the camera picture seems like a good tradeoff... Any suggestions? I know very little about the CHUCK or doing any program alterations so i could make a SC2 button cause up elevator and reverse prop.


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Jun 19, 2022
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I do not think it is a reversable ESC, a relay would help in changing the motor wires actuated by one of the switches, you could script that. Also, the foldable propellor could be a problem, never tried to spin it reverse as the load would fold them. The CHUCK would switch off the motor though as it probably thinks it is crashed...

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