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Video signal lost


Aug 25, 2018
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Hi Guys,

Bought the anafi on release date and had quite some fun with it. Until yesterday that is.. All of a sudden the video signal is gone. The anafi still flies, but there is no video in the app anymore. Just the snowy screen which you see when starting the app while the drone is not connected. I've tried hard reset (when the red lights flash?) but unfortunately it did not help.

You guys got any ideas or should I just return it to parrot/amazon for repair?:cry:

Phone is a nokia 7 plus.

Thanks in advance!


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No, imagewise the camera does not work at all. It initializes when I switch on the drone (couple of short movements and then centers) and the tilting button on the flightcontroller works but the display stays black whether airborne or not.. the capture button (R1) does not work at all, not even blank pictures are saved on sdcard. So frustrating when i'm just a couple of weeks away from a mtb trip in norway!! :mad::mad:
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This has happened to me also! I was able to find the drone in the air... AFTER, using the map, in the circle to guess direction of drone and then run closer to it's location and then visually bring it down.
That's a Parrot thing, happened to me several times with my Bebop 2, only a hard reset could get the video back but I've always been scared since to have it black out while flying at a distance !
Contacted amazon yesterday. They will me send me a replacement. Great service! (y)
you are very lucky .. I am facing the same problem , but nobody ( not even the parrot is coming to my rescue ) .. I bought it from Dubai duty free and they are asking me to sent it for repairs .( stuck up _

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