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Hi StarGazer, how are you?
So, I have the same your problem with camera substitution of BeBop2.
How do you solve it?
Thanks so much.....I'm going crazy!!!
Hi my Bebop drone when i press take off the battery goes from 100% to 10% in about 10 seconds i have 6 batteries and they all do this but if i test the battery it is not flat it still has 90% charge can anyone help with this problem.
Hey, check out the picture I just posted...first sunset of 2021, drone acted perfectly until it ran out of battery.

Whatchoo up to? Are you enjoying the political circus that will hopefully end when the First Toddler gets dragged out kicking and screaming? It wouldn't be a bad thing if somebody redesigned a high-tech guillotine, but enough of that.
Also, when I tried to connect my droid phone via WiFi it showed up once on available devices, but wouldn’t connect with an error stating an authorization problem. Any thoughts ?
I’m having difficulty connecting my phone and sky controller to my bebop 2. I lost my original bebop during flight and recently bought a used bebop 2 on eBay. Are there any issues connecting a different drone to a sky controller previously connected to a different drone?
En pleine formation pour devenir Télépilote Professionnel (Photogrammétrie), je suis domicilié dans le Lot et Garonne, dans le Sud-Ouest de la France
hi, I recently had a crash from approximately 40 feet, I tried to break the fall by catching it but it still hit pretty hard. now the drone isn't powering on. the battery just shows full power and that's it. nonresponse. what do you think?
Inspect pins (drone)that go into battery ,you will have to open drone and follow power lines to see if something is de attached,40 feet is preaty high,it could be that you lost some resistors in mainboard from that crash...you will have to open drone to check it out...btw is it anafi or bebop
Anafi. if the board is really the issue that means replacement?
Hallo Anthony,
Ik heb vandaag het pakket met mijn BEBOP 2 verzonden. Ik hoop dat je het vrij goed zult ontvangen en ik hoop dat je het in ieder geval kunt repareren BEDANKT VOOR JE HULP; Mijn adres om het terug te sturen zit in de doos Mijn tel in België 0473263141 en e-mail [email protected]
vriendelijke groeten
Thank you for sharing DJI drone spying video. Very interesting, and people should know. All the best!
Hello Heath -- Just joined the forum to start researching issues (havne't even posted yet), and came across your report as my first thread. Didn't see any update for the last few weeks and thought I'd ask you directly. Any more info on what caused the problem?

Bob Russell

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