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Thank you for accepting me into the forum..I'm sure I'll enjoy reading and learning new things from it..
I'm the owner of a Parrot Anafi. I updated my Anafi to FPV. Sells Parrot FPV 3 - Goggles in the Package only? Or what Goggle I can buy
for Anafi?
New Anafi all set up, and flies fine. Camera and zoom works fine, but the Gimble tilt and stabilize won't respond. Calibration will not work either. It is only 2 days old, but no gimble control. We'll probably have to wait until Monday to talk with Parrot support. See if they have an answer. No crashes yet...doing OK. Using a 4 ft phone-controller cable with pilot/camera team. Any thoughts out there?
Hello, I am from Argentina, and begin with drones 6 years before, but very recently I met Parrot
I’m new and just trying to figure things out
I haven’t been using my bebop 1 much because of battery issues. Anybody have advice on how to charge them correctly?
Hi Guys.. awesome community here!!. I wonder if anyone can help. Im completely new to drone photography. My question is, im looking for some decent editing and grading software to get me started. I have heard DaVinci Resolve is pretty good, but if any of you guys use something else which is easy to use then I would appreciate your input - thanks!!
Hello friends. I have a probelma with my cable flex camera after a fall he is party anyone know where to find one ??
hps26/18 anafi_flex_conbat_gimbal_hw04
Hi All, have 2 Parrot Drones, the Bebop2 and the Anafi. Into videography, photography. Not a drone professional but a recreational user. Regards Rob
Hi all pilots, new to the group today but have been flying Bebop 2 for about 3 years and have also have been flying the Anafi for the 6 months with no problems in the western part of Oxfordshire.
Safe flying to all!
Ag Business & Crop Inc. distributor for senseFly and Parrot products for Eastern Canada and Agriculture Canada wide.
We sell and service senseFly and Parrot drones.
Today the anafi drone no longer lights up. Only the fan starts and turns off only when the battery is removed. I tried to press the battery button for 15 seconds but nothing changes. Some advice? Thank you
Hi to everyone here, Im Mc Sy Te a new member n Ive flown drone for about 2-3 yrs now. I started with Parrot Swing then a Bebop 1 ( yellow crashed it n since then Ive kept it for parts ) n another Bebop 1 ( red ).
Thank you very much to the staff here for accepting me.
Hello everybody,
my name is George from Holland. Yesterday i bought the anafi drone, and expecting the anafi comes in about 10 days from Germany. Before, i flew with the dji phantom 2, 3 and mavic pro. I read the specs of the anafi and was very interested and delighted about this machine. I have read the instructions for use of this forum, is clear. Greetings.
I'm a rookie at flying a drone. Hope to use it to film wildlife, both here in Texas, but also in Africa when I make a trip there in September.
I edited my response to your question on cable length. I just measured the stock Anafi antenna cables, they are 8". One would need another inch to the case for bulkhead mount connectors, I would go 10" to be comfortably safe.
First flight with the 5dB dual band whips and I exactly doubled my range of baseline flights, exact same altitude, flight path etc. Need more flights but this was very encouraging.
hi thanks for your advice, it is going to be an expensive Christmas present for my Son, I wish I knew this before hand, if there is no other way I will have to look for a sky controller 2. if you know of a used one that is in good condition please let me know, thanks again
Hi,search ebay for skycontroller 2,you see some for 70-80 bucks...most of them come without charger,thats gonna cost you another 50 bucks...look for skycontroller 2 that comes with charger or buy separately

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