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Anafi control disconnect mid-flight

Hi Satdiver and h-elsner,
I had the same exact scenario happen to me the other night. I got a new ANAFI thermal sent to me after my first one crashed unexpectedly. During the first flight after updating to the newest firmware, I lost all connection to the drone. Luckily I was just flying only 30ft directly above me because I knew how unpredictable the ANAFI can be. I was still receiving the wifi from the drone but could not connect using the controller or my phone in the free flight app. I had no control while it hovered above me. I tried to reconnect many times with no luck. I ended up having to wait until the drone ran out of battery and descended on its own. No damage, but if I was flying above trees or water this would have been a much different situation. Have you been able to find out anything else since your most recent post? Or have you had any successful flights since the mishap you described?
This just happened tome on auto wifi channel switch and didn't rth for 10 minutes, will try manual wifi next time.


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On a different note about no video. if your connection to your phone gets unplugged. Isnt plugged in well or faulty cable. The snow on screen appears and possible connection loss. My anafi would not get video before taking off numerous times, and I never found out why. I found this as a solution. Connect cable until it clicks in. Also clean ports every month or so. Use a good quality data/sync cable, if not from Parrot. Put it on your maintenance check list, or pre flight check.
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