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Anafi Crash with Pix4D Capture


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Jul 5, 2021
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So I was using my Anafi with Pix4D Capture for mapping work today and it fell from the sky during the middle of the planned flight. I did notice that my phone was having a hard time connecting the Anafi's wifi before hand, having to restart the Anafi one or two time, so I am suspecting that a connection issue is to blame. It also was fairly windy so it could have been a wind gust but I have used the Anafi with Pix4D in similar conditions before with no problem. All of the props were intact so it was not caused by the props breaking mid-flight. It does seem that a lot of people on the forum have had problems with the Anafi crashing so I am just curious is frequent crashing and poor reliability just something one has to expect with the Anafi. I love the drone otherwise but it seems like reliability is a serious issue, particularly if one is flying near populated areas. I also assume that one should replace the props after a crash?

Thank you for the advice.
I had two times the same problem : it happens when my drone was coming back from mission on the wrong direction. It was going back to the place I've changed battery, so I tried to take back control : it suddenly go to land.

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