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Anafi in tree - happy ending!


Jan 21, 2019
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I recently flew my Anafi into the top of a very tall tree. I swear it looked like it was going to clear. It was about 80 feet up, entangled in small branches, but clearly visible. For the next three days, I tried all kinds of tricks to get it down. Bow and arrows, slingshot, fishing line, etc. Meanwhile, it had started raining almost nonstop. Finally I put an ad on our local Buy and Sell online, offering $100 to anyone with a good hunting bow to come and get it down. I got a call from a tree climber, who had a special slingshot that they use to get their lines up. (He had some time on his hands on account of all the rain.) He got the Anafi down easily, but it fell hard, hit the ground and broke one of its legs. I didn't have high expectations at this point anyway. I figured the rain would have damaged the electronics, but I was able to glue the leg back together, and the drone works just fine. I'm amazed. Kudos to the company for making a tough product.
Yea, that's pretty high up there. Glad you finally managed to get it down and that it's working after the repair.
Indeed, viewing a drone line of sight from a distance at an angle can be misleading.

On one flight to me it looked like I was well over the height of a 132,000v power pylon but in fact flew between the wires (twice flying out and back).

My luck was with me that day...
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Wow good story and good luck with your Anafi.
Definitely hard to judge the right height sometimes!
I'm glad you got it back & that she's still flying!

I always do a complete 360 degree scan looking horizontally at each location I go to, so that I know what height I need to be so as to safely get above the canopy, buildings, etc... On the controller you can see what height you are at, remember that & you'll be able to glide over everything. :giggle:
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"What glue did you use to fix the broken legs? "

I bought J-B Kwik epoxy, which comes in two tubes. You mix in equal parts before applying. I bought it at Wal-mart for a few dollars. It seems like a good choice for the Anafi. It even matches the color, which wasn't a concern of mine when I bought it.

The break was such that it fit together nicely and, therefore, it glued well. I attach a photo here.


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