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Anafi Noise / Artifacts Continued...

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Learning to fly the Parrot Anafi at the Onkaparinga Wetlands. I finally had the opportunity to fly in Sport mode! The shot with the train crossing the bridge looks a lot closer than it actually was, I was a good 40 metres from it at any point in time!

I'm still having noise or artifact issues, which are quite evident in several parts of this video. I am starting to wonder if the problem here is caused by using ND filters or whether ISO 100 is an expanded ISO feature & is not the native ISO for this Sony 1/2.3" sensor I have other videos where the exposure was completely automated & even shooting in HDR where this is not evident!

When I have taken still DNG images with the same settings & ND filter in place, this noise / artifacting is not evident, so it appears to be a problem with video only. Perhaps it's a limitation of the 4K capture & movement? I have more experimenting to get to the bottom of this!

This was yet again, shot in Cinema mode 4K 17:9 24 fps, using the inbuilt Natural capture, with the following settings:
ISO 100, 1/50, 0.0 EV, Sunny WB, ND 32

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Having just watched this again with a close eye, I am noticing this effect is evident on the parts where there are fast turns I am making, yet on another video it is evident when just moving slowly with no turning, but it is still sideways motion! I'm now wondering if the EIS is the weak point here!

Actually, scratch that notion, it is also evident on sections where I am just flying straight ahead. I have no idea what is causing this, but I will continue trying other settings to see if it can be eliminated or minimised.

If you out there reading this are aware of what is causing this, please share your knowledge with us all here. Please don't sit in your room sniggering silently at my curiosity & agonisingly slow investigation of this effect. Video capture is all new to me, as I have mentioned many times already.

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