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Anafi release notes

Cut and paste with Google Translate to English for those that are reading on a mobile:

  • Anafi v1.0.1
    • Corrections and improvements in image quality
    • Fixes and improvements of the "Return to home" feature
    • Fix to facilitate compatibility with OS X (MAC) when formatting SD cards

  • SkyController 3 v1.0.7
    • Improvement of the process of updating the drone through the Skycontroller
    • Improved recovery of platform controls after a reconnection to the drone
    • Improved reconnection time once the signal is lost
    • Ability to use a charger or a high power USB connection (with a flash logo)
    • Limiting the current going through USB-A for some Android phones
    • Improved error handling between the Skycontroller and the phone (Android)

  • Freeflight 6 v1.0.3 (Android only)
    • Improved editing of waypoints, points of interest, and segments in FlightPlan that could cause the app to close
  • Freeflight 6 v1.0.2 (Android only)
    • Improved ergonomics and stability of the application
    • The app now adapts to distance units according to the country
Looks like they've been paying attention to the obvious glitches and problems that have been raised here and elsewhere.
Has anyone checked to see if the RTH Action/Altitude is now user definable? Not going to get a chance to fly for a bit.

  • Fixes and improvements of the "Return to home" feature
RTH under 20m, the drone will pop up to 20m
RTH when already over 20m, the drone will stay at its current alt and return to home.
Can someone retest night video and see if still have eis shaky issue with new firmware? Thx
So still the same heh:mad:

So help me understand the issue here.

If I am flying below 20m and stay below 20m the whole trip, why would a RTH above 20m be necessary?
Granted if I flew under a bridge, but RTH kick in and it just so happens that the bridge is 20m high, yeah ok, but I still don't see a big deal here. Perhaps I'm just not seeing "the bigger picture" :)

someone paint a picture for me
We don't always fly in a straight line, if I make a 45 degree turn and travel another 50 yards there is a good chance there might be a tree taller or a building taller then 20 meters between me and the Anafi. The Anafi will take the shortest route home and might hit something in the flight path back to home point. Knowing there are tall obstacles around as a good pilot I would adjust my return to home setpoint high enough to miss them.
understood. I guess its just different flying styles. I prefer to be up there sorta high with the Anafi, mostly due to the lack of obstacle avoidance and I don't want the wifi signal blocked by obstacles that will interfere with the transmissions.

If I want to cruise around lower in and around structures, trees, etc, I fly something else, but I get what you are saying.

Maybe the Anafi will get the ability to fly back home via the exact route it took to get where its at when RTH is triggered.

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