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Anafi turns on but no initial setting (gimbal calibration, etc...)


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May 24, 2022
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Hi all,

Today was my first time "flying" a drone. After following all steps I was ready to fly but as soon as the drone took off, the drone crashed and hit me. The height was less than 1/2 meter and the drone started beeping. I tried to turn it off by pushing the power button but to no avail. I removed the battery and waited 1 min, then I put it back again. The drone was on but now It didn't do anything other than being on. It doesn't turn the blue light and there's no gimbal calibration. The only way to turn it off is by removing the battery each time. I tried all 3 reset options:

1. Reset the Drone by connecting it to the controller. No success. Led keep changing from blue to white and vice versa.
2. Reset the smart battery. No success. The battery was reset but I keep getting the same behavior (drone is turned on but doesn't do anything other than being on. No gimbal calibration or anything else for that matter).
3 . Turn everything off (drone, controller), uninstall freeflight, reboot my cellphone, change all propellers, install freeflight again, turn on the controller and connect it to my cellphone and lastly turn on the drone. No success whatsoever (same behavior as the second step).

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I don't know what to do next.



The drone behaved exactly like the one in the video:
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Have you tried resetting it it this way:
  1. Attach battery to drone and turn it on
  2. Wait 1 minute
  3. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds, until the lights start to flash and the drone restarts
after replacing the gimbal mount i don't have the classic camera dance. i read an article in the forum about the replacement where it urged to keep the original electronics as they are paired with the mainboard. is it possible that the two gimbal motors are paired with the mainboard? and why does the ff6 make me move the lens slightly vertically? can someone confirm and maybe explain if it is possible to do this pairing at home? they can't leave us like this at parrot. thank you for your cooperation.

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