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Anafi Video - Full Auto with HDR

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
A surprising result for this quick & dirty video test yesterday taken with the Anafi, allowing it full control of everything, apart from my manually flying it! 4K, 23.98 fps, AWB, HDR, Film (slow flying) Mode with no ND filter in use.

A quick visit to the Shed 26 at Port Adelaide, which is at the moment under consideration to be re-purposed as public use space of some sort, thanks to some vocal & active protesting by those that love her, including myself!

In this video I am learning to manually fly the Anafi Parrot UAV (drone) in rather challenging winds of 40 kph, with gusts of over 52 kph. There are as a result a few jerky movements throughout this video that is otherwise remarkably smooth considering the conditions! At times, she was barely able to move forwards in the gusts, due to being in Film Mode. At some stage, when I am in the open somewhere & it's windy like this again, I will try out Sports Mode to see if that is more stable.

This is shown at 4 times speed for the majority of the video, hence the slightly awkward appearance of it. This is without any colour grading, sharpening or exposure adjustments applied, I just imported & edited it together.

My thoughts? There is a little colour balance issue towards the end, where the shed appears yellow rather than green, but apart from that, it's pretty dang good. I was actually blown away by the results! They are as good as what I was getting using P-Log in regards to colour, exposure & detail. In the past I have been rather adversarial towards the use of the HDR & automated modes, as I had gotten very poor footage. I have no idea what has changed though for the Anafi to create this more than acceptable footage!

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