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Anafi Wifi problem and solution given by the support


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Nov 9, 2018
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Going to make the story short. Recently I notice that my anafi will disconnect wifi no matter I choose 2.4ghz or 5ghz. Especially the 5ghz channel 165 I been using all the time. It like starting the power on anafi, choose the channel, GPS lock on for both, then take off..... iphone screen will blank out, controller will disconnected & anafi will hover in the air. I did the basic reset (searching in this forum) & not helping, therefore decide to bring to service center.
The engineer told me that the wifi thing he himself also been encounter the same problem right after the firmware upgrade. The only solution for now is on the freeflight 6 apps, there is a portion where we select the wifi band (All | 2.4ghz | 5ghz | manual), only select "manual". The engineer notice that if we select 2.4ghz channel, then switch selecting to 5ghz or all, will sometime immediately get a disconnect. Will require to restart the anafi to get back the wifi connection. The engineer also notice that the channel 165 will not available for selection but for emergency connection. He mention that he had wrote to the support on this wifi issue thingy. So don't select "All, 2.4ghz,5ghz", but select "manual"

With his explanation, hope those having wifi issue will have some idea of what going on.

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