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Anafi zoom question

Drone Keswick

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Dec 27, 2018
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Hello all,
In photo mode, in "JPEG RECT" state, I am unable to zoom out nor zoom in, both with the Controller and the iPhone.
In video mode, I am able to zoom in and zoom out, both with the Controller and the iPhone.

In video mode, I can change to a different zoom setting, and then switch to photo mode, and it will only zoom back to 1.0, not the other way.

My question is, is this how the zoom work for you folks?

Thank you in advance for your response, and Happy New Year to you all.

I am using iPhone, 6.3.1 for Flight apps, and 1.3.2 on the Anafi.
There is no zoom for photos. It would just be a crop anyway so kinda useless.
Yup. The zoom is your sticks in photo mode...I document train graffiti shooting 4x3 DNGs and I frame with distance. I’ve taken shots that resulted in a minor bump of a sitting rail car and subsequent low impact crash because I was going for very small hobo scribbles on the end of the car.

That being said, I have “fooled” the camera into a zoom by pushing in about 1.5x in video then switch to camera mode but it’s possible firmware updates killed that hack. A DNG will zoom in very well at post and if you keep your noise down on the raw image with low ISO values and photoshop loves them for true post enhancements.

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