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Any cost effective repair shop in USA or the World?


May 7, 2023
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I have two ANAFIs in need of repair. One has a broken motor mount and the other has a com problem I'm trying to work through on another post ("Select your drone from the list," is not working.) Also, only two out of my five battery packs are working.

Are there any cost effect repair shops in the USA or anywhere in the World I can send them to? I've done plenty of business with Philippines and got great value because labor rates are very low and they speak English.

I bought these ANAFIs used when they were already obsoleted by Parrot. So I am walking a tight rope between spending money to get them repair and just scraping them to by a new modern drone still under warranty. I know I will be buying a new drone soon as I want to start doing some paid flying gig when my skills are ready. But want to put that expense off if the ANAFIs can help me develop my skills further. (I already have my Part 107 license as the test is written only and not flying skills.)

Thanks for any suggestions.
Let me refer you to Drone Nerds (Parrot Repair) I recently engaged them about my crashed Parrot Anafi and it’s vertical sensor error. While they did not fix it due to a lack of Parrot OEM parts, I found them a very professional group well worth looking into.

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