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AR Drone 1


Jan 20, 2019
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Hi all,
I've got an original AR.Drone, the first gen model (yes, I know this is the AR Drone 2 forum, but since there's not one for the 1, well, here I am.)
It's been a few months since taking my drone out this past fall, and I experienced some odd behavior on this flight. The first thing I noticed was the control link died after just a couple minutes of flight. The WiFi link was still active, but control was gone. The only option I had was to force quit the app on the iPad and re-launch it, as well as cycle power on the drone. At first I thought the problem might be the site I was flying at, since it was near both a large church and a residential area, and there were several SSIDs visible with pretty strong signal strength. I lost connection during at least 4 flights, the longest being the first.
I moved across the street to another park even further away from the houses and church, and was able to fly a bit longer, but still lost my control link after a few minutes -- but never more than 4 minutes of flight time. This ultimately led to a very hard landing on pavement, which broke one of my landing gear. (Already patched.)
My question, though, is about app support. I'm running AR.Freeflight v2.4.22 -- is there anything newer (or an alternative) than that available for the 1st gen AR.Drone? I used to use Drone Ace, but that's been gone for several years, though it was really nice and definitely my favorite app.
I'm worried because I also found that the app would no longer record video -- it indicated it was recording, and post-flight said it was storing -- but nothing's in my video roll. My only option to record my flight was to just do a screen recording. I'm thinking that recent updates in iOS 12 might have made the ability to save video unavailable in Freeflight 2.
Anyone have anything definitive they can offer?
For those wanting a blast from the past, attached is a screenshot of my flight yesterday... :)
Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 12.51.49.png
Thanks for any ideas/tips/suggestions...
Just as an update, I disconnected all the circuit boards in the drone and put them back together. It flies perfectly now -- well, at least for an AR.Drone... :) I actually got over 10 minutes of continuous flight footage out of it this weekend, with a flight time in excess of 20 minutes with 30% remaining (I've got an oversized battery in it).
Ten year old wifi drone -- still flying!

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