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Autel files suit to stop DJI sales in US

Autel Robotics USA LLC, who says it designs, manufactures and sells drones in the US, filed a complaint to the US International Trade Commission. It asked for a ban on imports of DJI drones, including the Mavic series, Spark, Phantom series and Inspire series.

In its complaint, Autel Robotics says that DJI violated section 337 by invading three of its patents, respectively on automatic speed adjusting, rotor assembly, and battery assembly.

Autel also added that it has the capacity to meet the increased demand if DJI products were to be excluded from the US market, which would “improve competitive conditions” for Autel and other drone makers.
Wow! I wonder if the claim has any real merit or is just an attempt to extract some money from dji to make it go away?
It is a ongoing war,dji took them to court ,now they are doing same thing

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