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BB2, is it a wise purchase ?


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Jan 6, 2019
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After getting to grips with the amazing little Mambo, I started ( as my wife tells me I always do) to look at what’s next?
The BB 2 seems to tick all the boxes.... but a few concerns
* is the BB2 now out of production, if “yes” then when there all sold that’s it ?
* Parts availability seems to be going downhill, surely Parrot should support owners and not abandon them? Or am I picking the situation up wrong?
* I wonder how the future for Parrot holds regarding drones, if it goes t*ts up,, how do we manage regarding support?

Would like to stay with the Parrot brand, but maybe others may be the better option ?

Sorry about the doom n gloom theme!
Have you tried contacting Parrot to see how long they will support the BB2? I know they are still selling the backpack for £99, (luckily I got mine for half price on New Years Day) but hopefully they are still selling it full price due to still supporting BB2. I still look at Phantom 3 and wonder if that would be the way to go but I prefer the size of the Bebop though the camera is not quite on par with the Phantom 3 going by some reviews.
I like using the bebop 2, fun drone and gets good range.

The only problem I have with Bebop 2, it’s high maintenance seems like I’m always replacing something. Fortunately, enjoy working on them and parts aren’t too expensive.

If you get one, remember they can be high maintenance.

Good luck,

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