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Bebop 1 battery


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Apr 1, 2022
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Hello- Curious where I might be able to find batteries for my bebop 1 original, that would compatible with the OEM charger? Thanks in advance!
Hi Thanks for the pointers... i'm new to this forum but i have an original Bebop and was looking for betteries. these say Bebop 3.0 can you confirm they'll work with the bebop 1?

Thanks for the help.
The look like the connectors for the ver 1. But I have had experice with these, and even though they plug in, I could never get them to lock into place for some reason. I would end up just strapping it in and praying that it doesn't fall out. It did one time and I had to land. That brand I guess they did not reverse engineer the slots fully correct. If you hold it up next to your original smaller battery, it looks like they are the same. So I have not figured it out, but I have not flown mine in several years. I was thinking about maybe trying to take the back off my original and put it on this one so that it would lock in place, But I have yet to do it. I might even one day go down to batterys plus, and see if they have a recomendation for a better battery that canf it into the older original cover for aerodynamics. Good luck.
do you have a part number by chance since the site you put down just is a battery site and does not go to any battery? I would appreciate it. Thanks.
found on their site where they list dropdowns. But is the same battery for the parrot. No upgrade, just replacement. Thanks.

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