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Bebop 2 no wifi after crash.


Feb 15, 2019
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Hi, im new to this. Have a problem with my bebop 2 drone explained as fallow. Just started to make a test fly with my drone and right after take off and start to send it to fly, in about 20 feet hi and just 15 meters away from me, one of the motors stops and it crash to the pavement upside down. Turn it off and take it back home for inspection. Found out the motor that stop separated from the drone because the screws wen loose and when trying to download the video to se how it happened, cannot connect to my tablet or the phone because it has no WiFi signal. Have to connect io to the pc via USB cable. Now I don't know what to do. Waiting for new motors in the mail but trying to se if anyone can help with any suggestion on how to fix the WiFi issue. Maybe finding how to fix it or replace the wi fi module if one. Any help will be appreciated. This is my hobby and don't have enough money to buy me a new drone.

Sorry to hear of the motor disconnect, that’s happened to me before with a refurbished bebop 2 purchase. Two loose motor screws, motor vibrated enough to loosen them causing propeller to hit arm then breaking prop. Luckily it crashed in a fresh plowed field, turns out motors screws were not correctly fastened.

I’m not sure about the WiFi issues you’re having, but with controller you don’t need WiFi. Only with a cellphone or tablet, at least that’s how I’m figuring this.

In case your board is damaged, eBay has bebop 2 circuit board fir around $80 bucks, I’ve purchased many from

Please keep us posted, good luck hope you continue with the hobby.

All the best,
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Thanks for the help. I will try if still connect to the controller and see if will fly. But I will to see if I can still use the app for the flight plan to use it. Thanks again.
Hi ,remove nose and inspect small braun tape like cable thats conncts gps board to main board...when you remove nose you will see gps board on top of camera frame ,on the left side you will see braun cable connecting gps board to main board,cable slides into small white adapter,to pull tape out of adapter you have to pull out little locks on left and right side of adapter,they are small and you have to be carefull not to break it when reinstalling cable.....i would check antenna cables going from feet to main board before checking gps cable(gps cable affects wifi)
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Ok, now the problem I have now is that when i install the battery and turn it on,after it boots for the furst time the WiFi connection to the drone will show up but after about 15 to 30 seconds goes away or it torn off. Then no WiFi from the drone is detected. Even if you take the battery out and in again will no show drones wi to connection. The skycontroller 2 won't connect because the drone does nor give enough time to make the connection cause the WiFi turning off. After 24 or more hours you try again and the same thing happen again. Any suggestions? Please?
Hi, I have exactly same problem after a little crash. Can't connect the wifi anymore or just for few seconds and then it disconnect and the wifi network disapears.
Will try to re-install firmware with USB, have you tried this?

Have you tried to remove nose and inspect as Skydreamer suggested?

Hope we will find a solution
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