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Bebop 2 plus Extras


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Jan 11, 2019
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Selling my Bebop 2 and all the extras as I have just bought a DJI Mavic Air as I wanted a 4K drone plus it is a bit more portable. It is in perfect working order though to be honest I have not had it at its limits as this is my first drone and I was a bit wary of being too adventurous with it so only had it to approx 25m height and set up a distance limit of 100m. Had it just over a month but first flight was on Feb 15 due to a problem with incorrect supplied charger in FPV pack (Both chargers were 5 pins and the Skycontroller lead was 4 pins so unable to charge the Skycontroller) which I had to resolve myself. This is a list of everything included in the bundle:
Bebop 2 FPV pack with the Skycontroller 2 (no white band and black sticks), FPV goggles with white band (Goggles unused) 1 x 3350 mAh battery plus 1 x 13.05V charger as supplied in pack, 1 set spare rotors, 1 x 12.6V charger (unused) which was for the Skycontroller but unfortunately Parrot supplied wrong lead in pack so the drone lay unused for two weeks till I bought an alternative charger with correct lead from Amazon. To avoid confusion I will list everything below and if you need any more info just let me know.
FPV pack as listed above with the 3350 mAh battery plus 2 chargers and extra set of rotor blades
2 extra batteries both are 2700 mAh so that gives you 3 batteries in total
1 x extra 12.6V charger (3 chargers in total, 1x 13.05V, 2 x 12.6V plus all leads for battery & Skycontroller charging)
1 extra prop mounting tool
2 spare nosecones (I ordered one from Parrot and it came split so they sent a replacement, none have been used, I only cut the packaging to try and make them easier to store)
1 Feet pack with antennas (Unopened)
1 Shaft & vibration damper pack (Unopened)
1 Screw pack (Unopened)
All spare parts bought from Parrot as I thought it wise to have parts should I need them, I tend to always buy parts and accessories for any gadgets & equipment I purchase.
1 toolkit for the Bebop 2
Genuine Parrot backpack purchased new from Parrot.
Just realised I have not included the photo of the toolkit but it's pretty standard.
I have just checked the drone info within the app and it shows 12 flights with total flight time of 1 hour 18 minutes.
I paid close to £700 for all the items above so am looking for sensible offers as it is a shame for it to lie unused plus I need to keep the wife happy. Any questions please ask. I have taken a guess at postage costs but please be assured buyer will only pay actual cost depending on the service they choose, I have checked Royal Mail website and it may not be possible to ship using that method so I will look in to the cost of courier delivery for the purchaser, if it proves to be too expensive and I get what I consider a fair price for the drone I am prepared to share delivery costs, Royal Mail looking like £28.44 for Parcelforce Express 48 insured for £500, though I'm sure this can be done a lot cheaper. I try to describe all my items as honestly as possible as can be verified by my feedback. I will only ship within the UK. This is a serious bargain for anyone looking for a good quality drone.140514061408

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