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Bebop v1


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Jan 14, 2019
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Hello this is my first time here.
I have a Bebop v1 no sky controller but bought a flypad couldn't get it to work on any of the apps. ( Ar pro 3, free flight pro, and free flight 3) called parrot the first guy said that flypad is not made for Bebop only mini drones. Then I got an email from Sam at parrot giving me directions and that it would work. I still have not gotten it to work. Then I bought a PS4 clone but in my defense it wasn't sold as a clone I thought I was buying a authentic PS4 controller.$36.00. But I did get it to be recognized by the app so I didn't really care at that point until I almost lost my Bebop on a fly away luckily I found it but I don't know if it was the drone or the controller. Can the flypad be used with the Bebop v1 and if so what app should I be using. I love this drone and I won't fly it with a cell phone only it's a better drone than that. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I use a flypad with my bebop 1 and freeFlightPro app with no issues. Range is about 200m with iPhone 7. Turn on flypad and open freeflightpro app you will see a controller icon with the number 1 in red. Click the controller icon that will take you to another page there you will see you the word flypad with some letters and numbers click that. You should now be linked up to app.

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