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BebopEye Tested, but unfortunately it nearly fly away my bebop 1

Apr 18, 2019
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Hello Everyone,
I just downloaded an app called BebopEye, i tested it yesterday and it work on take off, and landing but when i tested the follow me feature, it suddenly take off above the height limit i set and causing a near fly away, tried to stop it but unfortunately it crashed on the leaves of a mango tree and falls into the ground of gravel, after checking the drone after the crash, all is good with no broken props and no dents, i tested it on ffp3 and it work abnormally, drifting from left and right, forwarding and reversing even not touching the controller stick on my black skycontroller, tried the trim and drone calibration and changing the props to new extra ones, after that test it fly this morning, the drifting from left and right were fixed, but still the drone is little bit shaking and forwarding and reversing slightly slow, Can somebody help me to fix this issues in my bebop I, is resetting the drone the answer or there's another procedure to fix the issue, is there a procedure on resetting the bebop 1? Thank you in advance for your tips and responses from my inquiry..
Done reset, tomorrow i will test the bebop, hopefully all will back to normal. I will update here once its tested
Tested my bebop 1 after resetting, but when i tested it, it flew very well for one minute, but after one minute, it starts to drift forwards and backwards again, without touching the remote sticks... Note: all of his props are newly replaced, any tips and advice on this problem issue?

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