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Best pilot log book format?


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Jan 13, 2019
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Pennsylvania, USA
What is the most recommended pilot log book format? I'm a pen and paper guy but my spare GA log book isn't well suited for this purpose. I looked online but I haven't found a printed log book that I like. I would love to hear your recommendations!
I use Airdata for my DJI drones it now supports Parrot very powerful reporting . I have used with Anafi as test currently Parrot needs to be uploaded because of no sync agent like DJI still easy just upload your json file.
Thanks for the replies IronSky1 and Dirk_Anafi! I looked into the app and the linked doc. I may use the app in conjunction with a paper log system. I'm used to paper log books but the advanced reporting looks amazing. I wish there was a built in battery analysis feature like the Evo has.
There is a complete battery analysis in my version maybe this is not available in free version. This is how I found
a problem with one of my Inspire batteries.
I think it's an upgrade from the free and basic version. I uploaded my first two flights to airdata and it gives you a lot of information. I guess Anafi doesn't keep track of battery temp as both flights had battery temps of 32F when it was above 50F.
One more issue I have found with Airdata and Parrot I have not been able to read Parrot BB2 files only Anafi though you could read Disco from the Pix4D Capture program. DJI is totally automated.

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