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Brainfarts. Who has them?

Krusty Geeza

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Dec 31, 2018
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Adelaide, South Australia
Went into the city early this morning as my partner has a practical for her masters degree today, so I had someone to accompany me in. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise due to anxieties & other challenges that are a part of my CPTSD.

Anyway, I got there & went straight to my area of interest for some aerial captures, did that, packed up the Anafi & moved on to my photography. Caught the train home.

I forgot to grab the aerial panoramas & 360 I wanted! They were actually the main thing I went in for...

Anyone else have brainfarts like this when out with their drone? Or am I just blessed? ?
Organised a flying session with a friend - got to the flying site - opened up the Anafi case - oops no battery - still on the charger at home :rolleyes:
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When I lifted the Anafi out of the case the friend said "gee that's a skinny drone". I was tempted to play him along - but I knew it wasn't going to end well :p
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Take a hint from an old retired pilot with these same issues: CHECKLISTS!!! :geek:
Print your own and USE IT!!! EVERY TIME!!

Scribble a flight plan for anything more complicated than routine flights on a post-it note and stick it on the controller.
Yep happens went flying with my friends and forgot the controller. Nothing like trying to fly from a tablet while everyone is buzzing around you. Checklist sound like good plan if you take time to check it as you pack.
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