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Call to all Parrot developers / tinkerers / hackers / pilots

Confirmed this to work on mavic pro too ( and the most probable fix is that the manufacturers would set the security bit on from the GPS receiver firmware that syncs time from the fixed GPS signals. Specification here: https://www.u-blox.com/sites/defaul...ceiverDescrProtSpec_(UBX-13003221)_Public.pdf

Not selling anything here. Just trying to see if they'd get the point, DJI certainly does not. There probabaly exists that same sort of illminded people who already have 4G / LTE -jammers, this is just the next evolution of that. "I can't have nice things nobody can".

Read between the lines, I just want root on this device to crosscompile twitter-cli on it so it can tweet all my flightstats. cheers.
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