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Can anyone tell me how my drone crashed?


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Mar 16, 2019
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I had bought a parrot bebop 2 as my first drone. Had a couple of crashes as most new pilots do. Nothing serious.

When flying, the camera had a slight jello effect. After some googling and information from a repair shop, I was told that the propellers were damaged. I do not know if it is related but I bought a brand new set of propellers.

I took my drone to a lake with the intention of recording some skiing. The drone took off absolutely fine and flew perfectly for about 2 minutes.

After the two minutes the drone just suddenly fell from the sky and landed in the lake. I was told by one of the boat drivers that a propeller fell off. I was not able to find the drone as the water was too deep.

I am almost certain that I put all propellers on property. Can anyone tell me another reason how it crashed. There was nothing above the lake that it could hit like trees, birds, ect.
Props do not have to come off, they can also break which will cause your drone to crash. Inspection of your props is a must on a check list you should be using for each flight.
They were official parrot props. Admittedly, I did not check if they were loose when I locked them. I am almost certain that they were locked in place. The reason I have some doubt is because I don’t see any other reason for it to fall. I wasn’t able to find the propeller that fell off, or the actual drone.
My new bebop2 with less than 1 hour of flight crashed today of 20 m in cement and then in the pool. He was flying over me and i think that a propeller broke.
Now it doesn't turn on, someone knows a way to recover the last video with the drone off?

Enviado do meu BLA-L29 através do Tapatalk

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