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Can this UAV live stream?


Aug 25, 2018
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I was under the impression the anafi was able to live stream....i can't seem to find a setting anywhere or any info regarding live streaming..
there is no such option in the app, i am pretty sure it can not. maybe you could capture and stream the screen with a 3rd party app.
No in App option but yes you can live stream using 3rd party Apps like DuRecorder for Android. I have done it a few times but data charges will apply if you do not have unlimited data :)
May try this out later...

I just tested, you can connect to the rtsp stream directly from the USB C port on the Skycontroller 4 using a USB C to Ethernet adapter. Address is if connecting directly on a dedicated NIC, if you go through your LAN you have to identify the IP address first.

For VLC it connects directly to the main camera. Remember to disable Hardware Decoding in Preferences / Inputs/Codecs, and enable “Repeat All” in the Playback menu (otherwise you lose connection when changing camera modes in Freeflight 7).

I could access all four cameras (main, both stereo cameras, and the bottom) as well as the disparity map through PDrAW. Interestingly there was also a “Front camera (no IR)” option that looked exactly like the ordinary front camera. Perhaps there is a version with IR coming in the future?

I could also add the standard PDrAW HUD that displays battery, attitude, signal strength, height, distance etc. on all six available streams.

I could do the same using a USB C to A converter and USB A to Ethernet adapter as well. But when I connect through my USB hub, Freeflight 7 won’t connect.. I will test with a different USB hub later.

I also got a cheap HDMI streaming box for gamers (15€ on sale), and it seems to do the trick as well, using the micro HDMI port. It is only active in video mode though, and no HUD.

I just plugged a USB C to Ethernet adapter into the bottom US C port, and connected to PDRAW / VLC directly to my old MacBook Pro with no issues. I was actually able to connect to both PDRAW and VLC simultaneously with PDRAW displaying all 6 streams and VLC only the main stream, and FreeFlight7 running on the big iPad.no need for a hub or converter at all, luckily!

In PDRAW the screen turns grey temporarily when changing video modes, in VLC it lost connection - but reconnected since I set it to “Repeat All”.

On a side note, in the dark living room, P-log was the best option for low light conditions, HDR was the worst. No real impact from 1080p to 4K. Lowering the frame rate to 24 seemed to help a little, but it might just as well have been the good ol’ placebo effect. It was interesting to see that one of the stereo cameras was running under exposed and the other over exposed.

Update 2:
I just noticed this thread was about the ANAFI 4K, while my post was about the ANAFI Ai. It is pretty much the same though, except for the 4K you need the USB Hub to connect the Ethernet converter to access the rtsp stream. It is basically like this video, except that our non-military controllers don’t have a dedicated Ethernet port:



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