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Close to a fly away


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Jun 30, 2018
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Ontario Canada
Hard to tell because of a language barrier but the fellow posted on Facebook about his flight that he had no control of. From what I can tell he was able to pause it 1KM away over water. He had a video posted and looked like it was going pretty fast away from him.

"here's what happened today with my first test of the anafi, suddenly it was gone and when I managed to lock it even the RTH did not work! the RTH simply went to the opposite side and with great luck there I managed to get it out of the water and poise it 1 km away ."
He also mentioned that he was running a beta OS on his iPhone and suspected that his phone's GPS was faulty or otherwise not working, and this all happened as he was trying to track himself...
Somebody would actually fly a new $700 drone using beta iOS software, and/or perhaps a malfunctioning device? Holy ____. Did he find his way home OK?
He did. Forced it to land, but too close to the water's edge for comfort.

Meanwhile I've been having fun exploring the autonomous flight (and videos) that we can do with the Anafi.

It's kinda weird seeing your prize drone heading off on its own to its first way point, but astonishing how smooth the resulting sweeping video shots are.

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