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Cloud Bay The Video

Very serene - lovely footage of a stunning location, and perfect accompanying music...

One thing I did notice is there seem to be some strange image processing artefacts in the trees. It's particularly noticable in the opening shot, from 25s onwards - the trees on the left are almost totally blurred, but occassionally sharpen up a bit for a few frames. Do you know what causes this? I've noticed this effect on other videos as well with both the Anafi and Bebop2 (I assume this was shot with the Anafi?) - hard-edged details seem to be quite sharp and well defined, but areas of the image that have finer detail and a bit of motion, foliage in particular, can sometimes seem to turn to mush. Has youtube conversion done something, or can you see this effect in the original footage? It looks like overly aggressive noise reduction, or low-bitrate encoding artefacts.

I've only got a Bebop2, which with its fisheye lens and all-electronic stabilisation has to do a bucketload of processing on the image, so I expect to see some artefacts in the video, but I'm fascinated to learn from others with more experience what factors influence final video quality and what we can do to get the best results possible.
Actually, having watched it again I'm thinking it's a compression thing - the fact that the quality in that part of the image picks up periodically and then degrades again suggests key frames in the video stream. Is it just caused by conversion for youtube...?
I think it was caused by the fact that I shoot the video in LOG and used a LUT to color grade it. Either the editor was not up to the job or just a bad LUT and just got worse from the compression on Youtube.

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