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Connectivity issues


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Jan 5, 2024
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I recently purchased a bebop2 that was used. It did not come with a remote. I have 3 skycontroller 2 remotes from 2 other bebop2 drones. One of the drones is broken and the other drone never came back to me during flight. I am trying to link any one of the 3 remotes to my new bebop2 and am having ZERO luck. All three remotes just flash red. I can not connect to the free flight app or the remote with my phone. Samsung j3 pop. Compatible phone to the app. Please help me
same thing for me ??? it was working with my old phone but now not compatible usb skycontroller 2
It turned out to be the connection cable from remote to phone was not a 4 wire data cord as previously. I located and switched out the cords as well as erased and deleted the app from my phone so as to have a fresh start upon reloading the app. After reloading the app the problem was solved. The new data cable was able to link immediately and I was able to connect to both of my bebop2 drones off of the same skycontroller 2. My suggestion to you would be purchase an actual 4 wire data cable and try it again. It is possible you may have a 2 wire charging cord or a damaged 4 wire data cable no longer sufficient to operate with.

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