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Critical Battery Failure


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Dec 19, 2018
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Have had my bebop2 power for almost 12 months now and have done about 27hrs of flying. A few small crashes here and there but nothing serious - due to my own mistakes. However, this last weekend I was flying around a bit when my battery had a critical failure after about 16 minutes and while still showing about 20% power. Drone fell from 150m and miraculously only one propeller broke and a couple of scratches on the lens. But this is the problem now - not easy to remove those scratches and the spot is clearly visible on my footage. Took me about 40 minutes to find it among a heap of steel scrap in a scrapyard. At 3% battery power it still emitted a signal so could more or less find the general area of impact due to the GPS signal.

Anybody had a similar experience of critical battery failure?
Screenshot_20181217-122752_FreeFlight Pro.jpg
Sorry to hear of the battery failure, I’ve havent experienced this myself and do fly a Power 2.

The bebop 2 power Camera can be purchased from eBay, around $100 bucks. If possible, get the power 2 camera not a regular bebop 2 Camera. Power cameras are better made, good luck keep us posted.

P.S. Save all parts especially camera parts, later you can rebuild another camera from spare parts.


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