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external GPS for wifi only ipads that work with Anafi


Mar 4, 2019
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Castle Rock, Colorado
I've been trying to decide between the Garmin Glo 2 ($99) ... and the Bad Elf 2200 ($110 used, $150 new).

Does anyone have experience with either?

I want to use my 2018 ipad (wifi only) with the Anafi and already invested in the adaptor to hold the 9.7" ipad on the controller.

It works great except no gps, so no follow me.

The reviews on the Bad Elf seem best ... and both seem to have a 10 readings per second data rate. Bad Elf has an app to verify
satellites and the garmin doesn't. The garmin also has no interface, and the bad elf can function as a hand held gps with limited display
and data logger.

Maybe I'm talking myself into the Bad Elf 2200 ?

Thanks in advance!
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I bought the Garmin Glo and it works with my '2017' wifi only ipad. It likes being presented to the sky nice and flat. Mine did not like being hidden away in a pocket. I eventually bought a cheap 'modern' android (ZTE) for follow me but I still fire up the Garmin if I want to see range data on the ipad.
Is Follow-Me the only function that won’t work without GPS ? Also have a WiFi-only iPad Mini and want to be sure before I launch ;)
I have the Garmin Glo (first Generation) with my WiFi only iPad Mini 4, and fly the Anafi with this combo since the very beginning.
Rock Solid GPS signal (both US and Glonass signals at 10 Hz)...
Added some wire straps as a removable way to sick it to my sunshade.
I also use it for hiking...
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Got the bad elf 2200 off eBay, charged for close to four hours ... it’s working great with my 2018 WiFi iPad ... it’s about the size of a stopwatch and i just put it in my pocket for now. The iPad app also works fine and shows more details if you want it. Works simple and fast. Just connect your Bluetooth to it. It can serve 4-5 devices at once. Has a backlit led screen. Lots of info and easy to use. Battery life seems very good. Comes with a cigarette lighter usb charger and charge cord. I can also charge with regular USb charger. Charge rate was slow, thus the four hours. Old style usb . So far so good. Flew the Anafi four times yesterday and all gps functions worked on latest freeflight .
I read that this one also works very well with the iPad
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I read that this one also works very well with the iPad

Yeah I was tempted because its cheaper. However, the reviews on other sites were mixed for it ... works good, however some reported it stopped working or didn't last very long. You never know if those reviews are legit or competitors bashing them.
I read that this one also works very well with the iPad

I confirm! - I bought this more than 5 years ago for adding gps signal to my wifi only ipad 1 (!). Now I still use this device for my Anafi flights and iPad air2 and it works perfectly.

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