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filming deer


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Apr 7, 2019
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San Antonio, Tx
Loving my Parrot Anafi. The primary reason that I wanted a drone was to film wildlife and the landscape around them. After seeing aerial footage from drones on YouTube, I was amazed. From taking pictures at ground level my whole life and then seeing what a difference it makes to take the same shot of the landscape, but from 40' or 100' feet in the air was a whole new WOW! The ZOOM and the reputation for being quiet were two key factors in my decision to go with the Anafi.
Yesterday, I finally had a chance to film some deer out in my back yard. After day after day of high winds, we finally had an afternoon with barely a breeze. With calm winds and a nice chilly evening for this time of year in south Texas, I was hoping the deer would come out before dark, and they did.
Once the Anafi lifted off the ground, I was amazed at just how quiet it is and I believe even more so on a calm day. It seems that on a windy day, the props are working harder to maintain it's position, thus more prop noise. But on this flight, no wind, and in a hover, she was whisper quiet.
My goal is to film without spooking or harassing the animals. I maintained my distance, used the zoom, and a few times I eased in as close as I dared, but I think it's obvious, the deer where not too alarmed at all. That last deer, before it fades to black, is calmly chewing a mouthful of grass as she is walking parallel to the drone. I'm impressed with the Anafi and have no regrets on the choice between it over the DJI Air.
Filmed it in 2.7K, 24 fps, with the settings in AUTO, and no lens filter. I have a set of filters arriving Monday, so I'll be testing those out soon.
Thanks and Happy Easter!
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