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first flight


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May 11, 2020
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Today was my first flight with Anafi. I flew it 6 meters and 30 meters high and no more than 10 meters away (forward and backward). 1.- calibrate the anafi as indicated in ff6. 2.- put my iphone x in airplane mode, then connect the almiphone cable and the anafi remote control. 3.- I noticed that the screen marked gps in red, so I activated the gps (location on iphone x). 4.- fly at 6 mt and rotate it in its full axis, then it advances about 10 mt forward and backward. Then he landed without problem. 5.- Raising the drone to 40 mt gave me nerves but it behaved very well, then I put the panoramic mode and made a simple panoramic. 6.- Make a 360 degree panoramic view that is quite decent. 7.- I land only in a very good way
now the doubts: Should the GPS always be placed on the phone or not necessary? 2.- the anafi when it was in 15% of the battery sent me a battery message (according to lei) that when finding that percentage of battery it returns alone Question, didn't I do that because he was so close to me?
I found that the videos had a lot of dots, it must be the same video as the photo. I never actually modified any parameters. Lastly, the panoramas you make can be saved in some format to retouch in Photoshop or just share them

drone update 1.6.8 battery update and update the anafi control knob I did not generate any problem, responded to everything I indicated
please any comment works. please indicate what I did correctly and what I did negatively greetings and thanks

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