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Flight plan for photos, images, pictures.


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Feb 27, 2019
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First: I have created & flown a few simple plans, so have managed to work out the basics, but there was and issue and the anafi is back with parrot. So now I can't try out flight plan to see what happens and any help would be really appreciated.

I've been on a few expeditions to take pictures of archaeological sites. These can be difficult to find (for example I once flew to the wrong hilltop and couldn't work out where this massive site had gone!). So I want to start using Flight plan 6. I started testing it but then realised it did not do bracketed exposures which I need. So now I intend to bypass the flightplan picture function and use it to to take me to the locations setting the height and camera angle so that I know the site should be in the view. Then hopefully it should just carry on to the next site.

Does anyone know - or can you try it out to help me:
  1. Is there any way to lock a flight plan (it kept adding extra points when I tried to zoom or pan).
  2. Is there any way to tell when the Anafi has reached a waypoint so I can be sure, if I pause it and fly around, that it goes onto the next way point, and not back to one it never quite got to?
  3. If I set a 20sec pause at a location, interrupt it after say 3seconds, and then press play, does it wait 17sec, wait 20sec or does it immediately fly to the next waypoint?
  4. If I pause, fly around a bit and manually change the direction, what happens to the direction the Anafi is pointing, when on a progressive path? Does it:
    • Turn and fly direct to the next way point (pointing toward the next way point)
    • Keep pointing in the same direct as I manually pointed and fly like that to the the next point
    • progressively change the direction so it ends up pointing in the right direction at the next way point
  5. Has anyone worked out how to fly down to a location (negative height) on flightplan?
  6. If I do manually fly down to a site below the take off level, so the height is negative, and resume the plan, will it fly direct to the next waypoint?
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