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Flight Plan Troubles


Dec 24, 2018
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Hi all. Did some experimenting with flight plan today for mapping here is what I ran into:
  • To load a new flight plan or start over I had to exit the app and restart every time.
  • Setting the gimbal to 90degrees in the down position in the flight plan did nothing, gimbal stayed pointing forwards.
  • Setting photos to capture every 2 seconds or even 10 seconds resulted in complete loss of video feed on screen and also no photographs recorded to memory despite the photograph number in bottom right increasing.
  • Very impressed with RTH and how close to takeoff location it gets. I'd say <=1foot
Id like to see the ability to add a parameter such as photo taking intervals across the whole flight plan rather than having to drag it in for each leg of journey. Also the parameter icons are too close to top of screen, I kept swiping down my notification bar. I'd like to see a progressive flight path also apply to altitude, leveling off in a curve for smoother video.
Does rotation in the flight path occur on a smooth accelerated curve or just rotate at a set speed to the next direction?
A search bar for location planning would be nice in the app.
I'm assuming that each waypoints altitude is based on the takeoff location? Meaning any complex flight path would need to be fully scoped out on foot with an altimeter first? Do the downward facing sensors prevent the drone in anyway from crashing into the terrain if the altitude of the waypoint ends up falling below ground level due to a Hill or some such?

What do y'all think, am I being a dumb dumb?
As far as I can tell it is free for 2 weeks after which it costs more than my house payment for a year
You only have to pay if you intend to use their site to make the map. If you have other ways the App is free to use and allows you access to the photos.

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