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"Follow Me" not working all of a sudden


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Jan 24, 2019
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Phoenix, AZ , USA
Having a bit of an issue with the Anafi with "Follow Me"
Just tried flying the Anafi after about 1 week of not using. My concern is that the "Follow Me" is not working. It can be selected as a flight mode and the GPS for the phone and Anafi as well as the barometer for the phone do go "green" so I click OK and when it goes back to the "video/flight screen" it is NOT in Follow Me at all it just goes back to Manual Flight.."Smart Dronies" results in the same response. I have tried at different distances to rule out being too close or too low. The other modes seem OK..These modes did work the last time I flew and yes, I did purchase the mode. I reset the drone, the controller, and the battery and have the same problem. I cleared the Free flight 6 app's cache, then the data, and finally un-installed then re-installed the app and still have the same problem. I am using the latest app (6.4.1) and firmware in the drone and controller. I have Android 8.0 on the phone (Samsung Note8) which is the same as last time.

Any ideas?
The above is basically a copy of exactly what I sent to Parrot.
Just an update on this concern if anybody ever has it...It was a setting on the phone ( yup, all me with the tweaking) The specific setting is under the "developer options/applications" and is called "Do not keep activities" The description of this setting reads: "Clear every activity as soon as the user leaves it" I had set that ON and that apparently messes with the Free Fly 6 app....
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