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Follow Me, smartphone and motorbike - it works!

What a smooth platform. I also love the IQ of the camera. Really quite something for that size/price.
What I love about the Anafi follow me mode is the speed. It will follow at at least double the speed of my Mavic Air. We were driving on dirt roads, max speed about 55 to 60kph (that’s 34 to 37mph I think). It didn’t seem to have any trouble keeping up, or even leading from the front until you get closer to 60kph. It might have benefited from a tail wind, but still it’s impressive speed.

Edit: the Mavic Air is limited to about 27kph in follow mode. I think thats 17mph. It also loses you very easily since it relies strictly on Active Track.
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The only thing I'm going to have to be aware of is that because my phone (Oppo F5) doesn't have a Barometer in it, I'll be missing the auto height adjust in follow me mode that a phone with a barometer would give.
I'll just have to be careful to check the drone is not going to fly into the ground at any point.

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