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Funny Story!!


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Jun 30, 2018
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Rain whole day today in Boston area,it stoped raining around 6pm so i took anafi out in in front of the house...house is half way up on the hill,getting good gps lock is very rare,if i get distance,i dont get altitude or the other way around...so i take off without gps lock knowing it will get lock at altitude of 10feet(3meters),it always does,if something happens it will hover and ill bring it down...so i fly out to altitude of 10m and distance of 15m....everything looks nice after rain,point camera towards me and zoom in,find out my wife lied,i am loosing hair on top of my head...after 15 minutes of recording of front of the house,trees,crackd driveway i decided to fly back and suddenly anafi stoped aprox 5m away from me... i could fly in any direction but not towards me,it would stop and hover....after few minutes of trying i gave up and landed,took anafi inside the house and strted looking for a cause.......so here is what happend,in my settings distance is set to 10m,geofence was On....i got gps lock at distance of 15 meters from take off position but obviously anafi cares about gps lock only,when i flew back towards me geofence stoped anafi at 10m just the way is supposed to do...and thats when panic and struggle started?
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After anafi got gps lock i ended up being outside fence,it would stop 5m away from me and not move....i thought i had faulty controller ?
So the 3D location when it locked GPS became the take-off point for RTH and fence?
Yup,i remember anafi flying at altitude of 2m and in ff6 it was showing altitude of -1m....green gps doesnt mean you have perfect lock,you should go back out of Fly screen and hit X% icon up on the top of screen,hit map to make sure you got lock
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